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CRYO: Now Lowering Temperatures in Abu Dhabi

If you haven’t heard about CYRO therapy, we’re not quite sure where you’ve been. The concept is the first facility of its kind in the UAE and offers whole body and localised cryotherapy solutions which is basically a curative health treatment involving extremely low temperatures, -120 to -160 degrees celsius to be exact.

Treating all manner of ailments and health complaints in both Al Ain and Dubai, CRYO Therapy is now available for Abu Dhabi residents at the Abu Dhabi Country Club.

Open to members of the Country Club as well as residents of the Emirati capital, you can experience first hand the revolutionary treatment that has taken over Dubai’s wellness industry, as favoured by many A-list celebrities and professional athletes alike.

Suitable for everything from weight loss to muscle recovery, facials to anti-ageing, CRYO’s extensive list of treatments offer benefits to just about everyone. If you can bear the cold that is.

To learn more and book your first appointment contact or +971 50 4041022


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