Keep Kalm and Get Your Hair Done in Time for Party Season

It’s party season and girl’s around Dubai are scrambling to book hair appointments for brand new tresses to wow at the Christmas Party. 

In a sea of hair salons I discovered Kalm Holistic Beauty on Palm Jumeirah. Primarily a spa offering all types of treatments from nailcare to skincare, there is also a fantastic hair salon attached, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. 

Kalm Holistic Beauty is a tranquil haven on the Palm. A clean, fresh salon that envelopes you in warmth and calm as soon as you enter. There is no over the top brashness here, just comfortable sophistication, further enhanced by the type of clientele that frequent here. It’s perfect for those women seeking a small sanctuary and some peace and quiet whilst the expert team of therapists pamper you. 


Kalm Holistic Beauty also offers hair extensions as one of the many hair services and with the party season in full swing what better way to treat yourself than with a whole new mane of hair.  The salon offers two types of extensions here; tapes and keratin bonds. Tapes typically last around 6 weeks and a strong adhesive is applied to strips of fine Russian hair and applied in sections. Although quick and easy to manage, they do need to be re-applied more frequently so to take you through the entire festive season and beyond, we suggest the Keratin bonds. Available in a wide array of colours to match your exact shade and texture of hair, and also available in a variety of lengths, it’s never been easier or more enjoyable to obtain a brand new voluminous hair of hair.  

Keratin bonded extensions are attached to the hair with heat allowing the bond to move with the natural hair putting less pressure on the follicle whilst maintaining great strength and hold. What’s better is they are suitable for the UAE weather and are compatible with elements such as heat, water and sunlight.  In just over two hours your hair (of any length) can be transformed into a mermaid-like mane with bonds that are undetectable.  Hair is applied by strand and the amount of strands you require depends on the volume and/or length that you wish to achieve. For a longer, thicker head of hair more strands are needed to achieve this look, anything from 150 pieces upwards but for simple volume and length you could most probably have anything from 100 strands upwards. Hair is charged per strand and the price varies depending on the length you choose. For natural, looking hair opt for a length around 22 inches which falls to just under the chest, allowing you enough freedom to style the hair however you should wish. 

The whole experience as Kalm Holistic Beauty is an enjoyable one. From the sound advice from ‘Chris’ the resident hair extension expert to the quiet, serene atmosphere that allows you to indulge in a few hours of stolen relaxation, being separated from the main spa also adds to the privacy of this compact but comfortable salon. 

The idea behind the salon comes from the desire of wanting to create a sanctuary on Palm Jumeirah, a place where women of all ages can escape the strains of everyday life whilst receiving their beauty needs. The natural surroundings and interior of the spa reflects the natural ingredients used in all the products including the shampoos and conditioners used in hair treatments. Products contain natural elements such as botanicals, essential oils and fruit extracts resulting in not only beautiful looking, but also beautiful feeling hair too. 

It is no surprise that the spa has been designed by a feng shui expert allowing for positive energy to flow correctly around the furniture and there really is a lovely, carefree vibe at Kalm’s as it is lovingly referred to by many a Palm Jumeirah resident. 

So for beautiful, luscious locks, new manicured nails or even exceptional eyebrows, book yourself into Kalm Holistic Spa for a pampering treat this holiday season to ensure you look and feel your very best. 

Riva Beach Club, Between Shoreline Apartments 7 and 8, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. 

To book an appointment call +971 (0) 4 451 9988 or visit www.kalmbeauty.com 

Hair extensions are charged at AED 200 for removal and AED 200 for application. The price of hair varies depending on length and number of strands used. On average the price of a full head of extensions is around AED 3,000

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