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Miu Miu Casts Some Shade

One of the joys of living in a part of the world that is sunny pretty much all year round is that we get to wear sunglasses all the time so there is always an excuse to purchase another pair.

The new Fall/Winter ’15 eyewear collection from Prada’s little sister, Miu Miu is as versatile as it is stylish.

The collection is one of sassy sophistication, blending glitter, suede leather, crystals and mirroring in one alongside Miu Miu’s signature design elements. It’s retro and more than a little fun to wear.

This Italian fashion powerhouse is known for its unconventional accessories designs and the large, eccentric frames here are no exception. Each pair possesses the power to completely reinvent an outfit and the playful oversized silhouettes highlight rather than conceal the face. Traditional metal frames are given a modern twist with coloured mirroring adding to the glamour.

The new Miu Miu ‘Reveal’ special project lends itself to unconventional design and is sure to be seen framing the faces of many a fashionista this fall.

Whilst they may not be the eyewear of choice for a wallflower, we can’t help but love their bold originality.

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