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I’ve always been somewhat of a devotee to the delightfully fragrant scents of legendary French parfumer Diptyque, so much so that my house is filled with candles and all manner of personal and home fragrances.

Diptyque is for me, the epitome of luxury fragrance. A glimpse of the iconic oval logo or the whiff of the classicly, elegant eau de toilettes is enough to summon up images of nostalgic Paris.

The diptyque story actually began in the French capital by three friends; interior designer Christiane Gautrot, painter Desmon Knox-Leet and theatrical mastermind Yves Coueslant. Their creative minds came together to form a stylish bazaar which played homage to inspiration sourced from their travels.

Fast forward almost a hundred years and diptyque is one of, if not the most well-loved parfumers with wide ranges for the body and home.

This month sees diptyque launch the beautiful Les Eaux collection. As floral as it is citrusy it appeals to almost all, embodying a sense of playful freshness.


Consisting of two main collections: Floral and Citrus, each consists of a wide range of fragrances that arouse the senses.

The zesty Citrus collection features l’eau de L’eau, a spicy citrus scent that evokes all the transparency of L’Eau, the first of diptyque’s fragrant waters created back in 1968. A delicious mix of Italian Green Mandarin, Florida Grapefruit and Orange blossom amongst others.

For those that prefer something slightly more fruity, L’eau de Tarocco with its vibrant infusion of sweet Tarocco orange, grapefruit and saffron is an exhilarating scent that portrays a Mediterranean winter.

Quite an avid fan of floral scents, I tried the beautiful Les Florales collection, namely Eay Rose.

Possessing an olfactory composition, this delightful fragrance is designed to celebrate the multiple aromas of everyone’s favourite flower in its natural state as it continues to blossom over time. Notes of bergamot and blackcurrant provide a lively, sharp top note coupled with the discreet middle notes of majestic rose, unveiling a subtle mix of the Centifolio rose and the Damask rose. The result is less a scent for your grandmother and more a sensual, balmy, intense floral fragrance that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Also, in the floral collection you can find Eau de Lavande, a subtle lavender scent, Eau Moheli, a sweetly intense Ylang-Ylang concoction evocative of the Middle East and finally Geranium Odorata, a joyful, sunny scent that is as simple as it is crisp, a great everyday parfum.

Starting at  AED 195 for a 20ml roll-on and AED 395 for EDT 100ml, you could actually buy the whole collection to suit your mood!

Diptyque is available to purchase from their stand alone store at The Dubai Mall and also Areej Store, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.


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