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The Brunch Is Back: Q43

It’s that time of the Summer when it’s too hot to go outside and your Fridays have been a little quieter of late over Ramadan but… brunch is back.

Q43 is always top of the brunch lists for good reason. Located on level 43 of Media One Hotel it’s the go-to venue for an after work tipple, best ladies’ night in town and of course, Friday brunch. It’s convenient location and easy-going, relaxed vibe makes the Q43 brunch one of our faves. Best of all, it even lets you have that all important weekend lie in as this brunch starts at 2pm as opposed to the standard midday. Massive tick in that box.

The Q43 is a casual affair, don’t be expecting gourmet food or dancing on tables but at the same time there is enough atmosphere for both large and small groups to feel comfortable celebrating whatever it is they may be celebrating, although let’s face it in Dubai there’s always an excuse for brunching.

Make sure you get there just before or as the clock strikes 2pm as there can be queuing for this popular brunch. Guests are given wristbands and you’re directed to your table, upon making a reservation ask for a window if you can as the views out onto the Palm from this iconic Dubai building really are outstanding.

The Q43 brunch is a three course affair, a mixture of dishes served to your table and everyone’s favourite carvery.

To start with tapas and sushi comes in abundance, from crispy calamari to tacos, there is enough of a choice to suit even the fussiest palette. Drinks are upon order but the service is quick and a few G&T’s even appeared without us having to ask for them, always a sign of a good brunch.

The Asian inspired carvery offers a choice between traditional roast lamb or beef or teriyaki chicken and other succulent meats. It’s not fine dining by any means but for AED 350 a head you don’t need it to be. The food is edible and actually rather tasty and the drinks are free-flowing, the music is quite chilled but animated chatter and laughter fills the air and the pool table is a great touch for the boys! To put it simply, there’s enough going on to keep you entertained without the need for props and tequila stations.

For desert there are choices of traditional cakes, pastries and cheeses if you can still manage it.

The best part about Q43’s brunch is that you don’t even need to rush off after with the best bit starting from 6pm. Watch the sunset 43 floors up through the floor to ceiling windows as you and your friends recline on one of the huge squishy sofas, we promise you it’ll be midnight before you even realise!

It doesn’t even stop there, Q43 don’t kick you out, in fact they want you to stay! 8pm sees the beginning of the After Brunch Party. The lights get lower, the music gets louder and the party starts all over again.

All in all, Q43 is a brunch that is great for groups of all sizes and ages, you can party if you want to ( we did end up dressed up in giant glasses and flower garlands) or you can kick back and relax with a game of pool, it let’s you make it the brunch you want it to be. The people are friendly and unpretentious, the staff are attentive, the food and drinks are good and it’s actually well worth the money. In fact, it’s now become our go-to brunch. The very best thing about Q43? It’s inside and it’s air-conditioned! It may be 50 degrees outside but the drinks are ice-cold inside.

AED 250 with soft drinks

AED 350 with house beverages

2pm-6pm Fridays

Tel: 971 0 56 102 4298

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