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Fall Collection Party Shoe Drop: Giuseppe Zanotti

If one thing has us salivating it’s the sight of a new season collection and be it a shoe collection from our favourite Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti and that’s us all wrapped-up for Fall.

The Fall / Winter ’15 collection is a party girls lifeline with strappy skyscraper heels alongside tempting thigh-high boots, with supple suedes and ornate gilt detailing, every look is perfectly complimented.

Few people know that Mr. Zanotti actually started his working career as a DJ and if this dancefloor inspired collection is anything to go by, we’d say he’s paying homage to his roots.

Zanotti has single-handedly rivalled the likes of Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo for his celebrity ambassadors with his exquisite designs that grace the soles of many a starlet such as Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue and Cameron Diaz, even uber-super Karolina K has got in on the GZ act as the face of the new collection.

His intricate timeless designs are not only ingenious but they somehow manage to seamlessly blend both innocence and rock & roll attitude that pushes futuristic footwear design to a whole new level. Who could forget the iconic ‘Adele’ Wedge shoe from 2012 which saw was created for the infamous Lady Gaga during her ‘Born this way’ tour. Inspired by the elegant lines of Vener Panton’s classic 1967 ‘Panton’ chair (yes a shoe inspired by a chair), its rule-breaking form managed to reach the perfect balance between suspension and stability leaving men the world over to wonder how on earth we were managing to stand upright in a shoe with no heel!

Some old favourites have been revamped for 2015 with ‘The Midas Touch’, a Kanye West favourite being given a whole new lease of life with a twirling golden design entitled ‘The Diva’.

“It’s a very expressive sandal,” says Giuseppe Zanotti, “it’s hip-hop in a luxury shoe.” Who can argue with that? Dubai dancefloors get ready.

One of our personal faves from the Dall/Winter 2015 collection is the “witch’, a delightfully wicked looking mule in rich black suede embellished with hundreds of black jewels, the slim heel and internal platform and not to mention the flame-inspired design create a totally unique silhouette that will jazz up any outfit.

See our collection highlights below.

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