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Our top Ramadan Eat: Iftar at Qbara.

Ramadan is the holy month of giving and we would like to give you our personal recommendation of the best Iftar in Dubai.

Qbara Restaurant & Lounge, located in the heart of the city, adjacent to the iconic Raffles Hotel has created a special Iftar menu for the month of Ramadan, a cornucopia of classic Arabic dishes with a modern, Qbara twist.

The celebrated chefs at this favourite dining hotspot have put together a truly spectacular iftar menu that we couldnt’ wait to try.

Ifar, as you will now is the meal that is eaten to break the fact upon sunset, a huge, entertaining affair that centres around friends and family and what better place to do it in than Qbara. Since it’s launch Qbara has won numerous awards, settling in to its title of Best Arabic restaurant in Dubai nicely with the elite of the UAE’s social scene frequenting on a regular basis.

From its architecturally designed entrance, all twinkling candles and sliding wood doors to its dramatic interior with its impressive chandelier taking centre stage, Qbara is so much more than your average restaurant, it has become a destination in its own right popular with the late night drinking and dining crowd. As the night goes on the dim lights get dimmer, the music a little louder and the crowds descend.

For those of you that haven’t yet visited this uber cool eatery, firstly, you must and secondly, Iftar is the perfect excuse to do so.

The extensive iftar menu created by the resident head chef features aromatic soups, a whole spread of hot and cold appetizers, warm mezze and delicious main dishes. That’s before we’ve even thought about desert.

Arriving at your already perfectly laid out table just before sunset you are greeted with all manner of delights. Warm Arabic bread with a wild zaatar dip and chickpea hummus sits alongside Middle Easter pickles, antep ezme, baba ganoush and of course, dates. As tempting as it is to fill up on the delicious bread selection, we recommend you pace yourself as what is to follow is a real feast.

Creamy lentil soup as well as chicken and vermicelli soup flavoured with the very best Iranian Saffron are hearty, warming dishes and hint at the sheer deliciousness that is to follow.

Your warm appetizers include a falafel salad consisting of fresh chargrilled gem lettuce, cucumber and tahini tarator, chicken and leek skewers doused in yemeni Honey and crispy soft-shelled crab encased in a flour tortilla, all dishes come in portions reflective of the table, although I most definitely could have devoured a few more of the chargrilled chicken skewers.

Each course is spread out to give you time to rest, digest and enjoy your dining companions company so by the main course you will once again be surprisingly hungry. Now, the slow cooked lam shoulder marinated with yoghurt and herbs is the signature dish for Iftar at Qbara and what a dish it is. So tender that your knife slip straight through the meat and beautifully displayed on traditional style Arabic plates. It is a dish that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palette. The other notable main is the grilled Chilean seabass, these dishes are accompanied by qbara oriental rice with pistachios and pine nuts and grilled vegetables.


Iftar at Qbara was not only an enjoyable experience but a seemingly never-ending variety of irresistable dishes that catered for every taste whether you are a meat-eater or vegetarian.

If you don’t feel like ending your night after your food, take a trip to the upper floor, a designated smoking area where sheesha lovers can come together for traditional hookah.

Everything about Qbara is well thought out, from the separate levels, beautiful Arabesque design and the wide Ramadan and a la carte menus. For Iftar in Dubai, you’d be hard pushed to find not only a better venue but also a better menu.

The Ramadan / Iftar menu is AED 245 (inclusive of 10% tax) or for group bookings of 20 people and above the cost is AED 190 (inclusive of 10% tax)


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*Iftar timing: Sunset till 8:30PM


For reservations: +97147092500 – 800QBARA reservations@qbara.ae 



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