Jet Lag Reviver at The Nail Spa

It’s that time of year again where the world migrates to sunnier or in our case, cooler climes and all that travelling can take its toll on your body. From lacklustre hair, brittle nails, tired, aching muscles to dehydrated skin, its sometimes the case that you come back looking and feeling worse than before your relaxing two-week break.

The Nail Spa, our favourite indulgent salon in the UAE has heard (and most probably seen) our woes and answered our prayers with the miracle ‘Jet Lag Reviver’ package.

The Nail Spa is the place we go to when we need some tlc, in fact it’s on the speed dial of most of the Emirates’s Busy and beautiful women because of its expert preening and unrivalled service.  It’s the ultimate luxury retreat.

The Jet Lag Reviver is perfect for burnt out beauties and also helps lift your spirits when you have the post holiday blues. After a month spent travelling across the continents I went to try it out as my limbs cried out for some much-needed attention.

The package, priced at AED 664 is a perfect combination of treatments designed to help restore you back to your radiant best.

First up is the Heavenly Facial. Lead into a small treatment room I happily flopped myself onto the bed and laid beneath a starry LED lit canopy. Struggling to keep my tired eyes open I was told that the facial was to rehydrate my clearly very thirsty skin and bring radiance back to my sun-kissed face. By using an all-natural product range, Heaven which is the anti-ageing brainchild of Deborah Mitchell my face was thoroughly cleansed, toned and moisturized before a tingly scrub was applied to my skin to draw out impurities followed by a mask designed to plump out my skin cells. The therapist performed a blissful hand massage whilst the mask set and I was slowly drifting into a relaxed slumber. Finally an anti-ageing serum was applied under my eyes. My skin felt brand new and I was instantly astonished by the change in my pores, sometimes it takes quite a while for the results of a facial to kick in but after 30 odd minutes my pores had shrunk, the redness had diminished and I looked at least half-alive. A definite improvement.


Staying in the treatment room, again no arguments for me there, the next treatment was a classic full body massage, a Swedish massage that focuses on reliving tension by kneading and tapping techniques coupled with aromatherapy oils. An hour went by seemingly in a minute as the tiny masseuse whipped my aching muscles back into form, getting rid of knots and a sore neck by expertly massaging them away.

Reluctantly getting up and getting dressed I moved into the     main spa area and sat myself down in an armchair ready for my tips and toes to be revived back to their best. The great thing about The Nail Spa is that it really respects its guests privacy and each chair can be curtained off whilst the therapists work their magic. I refrained from having another nap so I could focus on informing on what I required. My poor feet were exhausted from days of traipsing around cities in high heels and my nails after hours tapping away on keyboards had definitely seen better days. It was time to treat them. The Hot ‘N’ Cold Hydrotherapy is a rather fun treatment that uses Kneipp hydrotherapy to pamper tired limbs, reducing water retention and stimulating circulation, something that can suffer when travelling long haul. My hands and feet were covered in a delicious smelling peppermint scrub and then wrapped in clingfilm and secured with towelling mittens and booties, it was not my best look I have to admit but it all felt rather cosy and I happily glanced around at other customers wondering if they were as intrigued as I was as to how my tootsies would turn out. In fact the lady next to me was so curious I saw her opt for the same treatment.

After a couple of minutes the scrub starts to tingle and gets rather cold and after 5 minutes I was quite glad that it was time to remove. I was unwrapped and I’ve truly never felt my skin so smooth. They felt divine.


To finish off my newly slimmed down ankles, feet and hands a classic mani / pedi is given to add some final sparkle. Faced with an extensive selection of polish shades I chose a rather safe ‘Lollipop’ red from Essie’s collection.  My nails were shaped in a perfect oval and polished in a striking red to match my toes.

I felt shiny, happy and best of all relaxed. One look in the mirror showed me my skin had brightened, my posture was improved, my nails were sparkly and best of all my smile had come back.

The package is a great way to revive yourself after travelling or even after burning the candle a little bit, it’s a perfect combination of treatments to make you look and feel brand new.

The Jet Lag Reviver Package is priced at AED 644 and is available at The Nail Spa locations across the UAE excluding The Aviation Club and Meadows Town Centre.

Visit www.thenailspa.com for a full list of locations and to book. 

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