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Gift a Fortnum & Mason Hamper this Eid

This Eid gift a beautiful Fortnum & Mason hamper filled with delightful luxuries for your loved ones to enjoy the festivities in style.

Fortnum & Mason hampers have long been established as the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ providing all manner of indulgent treats for every occasion and throughout its 308 year history, Fortnum’s has been synonymous with their delightful hampers. In fact, we’d challenge you to find a better version anywhere in the world. From picnics to presents, birthdays to bar-mitzvahs, Fortnum & Mason hampers have it covered and now Fortnum & Mason in Dubai have introduced a range of specially filled luxury hampers to mark the occasion of Eid festivities.

Available to purchase from Fortnum & Mason Dubai located Downtown, this beautiful collected of Ramadan & Eid gift hampers are the perfect gift when visiting relatives or friends. Each one is filled to its wicker brim with an impressive assortment of Fortnum’s goodies such as; Fortnum’s famous teas, honey, preserves, Turkish Delight, Rose biscuits, Almond Nougat, sugared Almonds and of course, Truffles. It’s the ultimate indulgent treat.

The range starts off with the Mini Huntsman Hamper which is a ‘basic’ introduction to the collection, and then it ranges to the other end of the scale with the Banquet Hamper, an enormous basket filled with every delicacy you could ever dream over. Of course, these hampers can all be custom built as well to suit individual needs.

A Fortnum & Mason hamper isn’t just a great gift because of the delights that lie inside,they are a welcome addition to any household, being reused for picnics and family gatherings year after year. They are desirable and receiving one has become something that is on everyone’s gift list.


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