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The Quest For The Perfect Blonde Locks

For the fairer haired amongst us, achieving the perfect shade is quite a task, made even harder in the UAE with the scorching Summer sun, chlorine and the hard water playing havoc with your mane.

I visited Marquee, a year old upmarket salon to see if they could help me achieve my dream do.

Marquee falls under the trusted House of Enspa and with three recently opened branches in the Emirates (including The Blow Dry Bar in Emirates Hills) more and more women are turning to them to transform their tired hair.

Marquee pride themselves on being different to other salons here in the Emirates, at the forefront of innovative design, remarkable service and ecologically friendly products. With locations in Arabian Ranches and Eastern Mangroves their target clientele needs no introduction. Marquee is a salon to visit if you want style, sophistication and comfort. Each salon with chic, glossy interior that doesn’t intimidate or dictate. They have even sourced Japanese flatbed backwash chairs (trust me you will love these!) that recline all the way back for added comfort during your shampoo.

They cut, they colour, they extend, they smooth, in fact there isn’t much that Marquee doesn’t do. But my visit was all about colour and my lacklustre brassy blonde hair needed a makeover.

Assigned Fiona, a friendly, fun and knowledge stylist I felt I was in safe hands. Babbling on about how I wanted lessDonatella and more Dakota, she seemed to understand what I was asking for and promised me a glorious glossy mane at the end of it all. Coco Chanel once said to change your hair was to change your life and only women who have undergone a transformation will understand this. Now I was only opting to go from blonde to err…well a brighter blonde but putting your crowning glory in someone else’s hands can be a daunting task. I decided toemerse myself in a huge pile of magazines and a glass of bubbly for dutch courage.

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I opted for a full head of high and low lights using ammonia free colour, a buttery mix of blonde and brunette to give in-depth mesmerizing colour. As a blonde it’s hard to achieve a perfect shade with a block colour, rather stay true to your roots (pun intended) and weave a variety of shades through. Marquee also offer a shine bath which is just as fabulous as it sounds and will infuse your locks with colour boosting vitality and shine, I highly recommend to anyone having their colour done. Of course, highlights aren’t the only colour treatment on option. Marquee also offer ‘dramatic direction’ which is all about creating a theatrical style with creative expertise, something Marquee seems to have in droves. Opt for oh-so trendy ombre if you can’t quite decide whether to be a blonde or brunette or have a full creative make over.

Keratin straightening, extensions and permanent waving are all offered here alongside standard reshapes and cuts.

Blondes join me in yawning when I say achieving lighter locks takes time, in my case over four hours worth of time but I’m very pleased to say the end result was well and truly worth it. After shampoo and a hair facial, yes a hair facial that was said to help my hair start over again with energizing essential oils, I was to be brow-dried and my bangs snipped.

The colour change was evident from the towel dry. My once dull, lifeless hair shone like a bright halo around my head before and after it was blow-dried to within an inch of its life. Fiona certainly knows how to blow-dry. My hair was Stepford wife worthy, a huge bouncy mane of creamy butterscotch. The colour (by L’oreal) was shiny and a perfect blend of cool and warm tones with not a hint of yellow brass, I promised myself (and my stylist) I would invest in a hat. The icy baby blonde streaked alongside a warm caramel, both set off by a deep chocolate. My hair looked alive.

Ladies, I think I might just have found the holy grail, Marquee is living proof that the perfect shade of blonde is anything but a myth.

Now, Marquee also sell a product that you simply can’t live without this Summer, at least I can’t. neuHair is a scientific formula that is designed to treat damaged, dehydrated hair reviving it to appear soft and shiny. In just 8 weeks it promises you thicker, stronger hair by nourishing it with a mixture of Vitamin B7 and B5, I’m 4 weeks into using it and my hair is already much less brittle than it used to be. All it takes is 4 pumps massaged into the scalp daily on towel dried hair. This miracle product retails at AED 795 and is available at all Marquee locations across the UAE.

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