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Brioni: A love affair between art and fashion

Men of the UAE sit up and listen, it’s time to get dapper.

Brioni, the high-end Italian fashion house, best known for its tailor made suits has collaborated with world-renowned photographer James Welling for an exclusive SS15 collection that manages to expertly fuse together art and style.

Rewind the 1950s and the likes of Cary Grant and Clark Gable were often seen gracing the streets of Hollywood in a Brioni suit. The classical style loved by these iconic figures has evolved into the modern day with seasonal collections of ready to wear and bespoke tailoring and fashion for the contemporary discerning gent.

As part of this evolution Brioni also got cool and the latest collaboration not only hints at, but screams at this.

The collaboration between Brioni and Welling is that of a postmodern experiment with the latter bringing to life conceptual and avant-garde flower compositions that are then transposed onto the Brioni SS15 collection of suits, shirts, shorts and more. The overall effect is lively, fun, carefree, from gallery to body, they are ready to wear works of art.

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James Welling is known in the photography world for his unconventional techniques that are capable of turning everyday objects into art, a process that is evident through this recent collection.

Here’s for the science bit: Large, lush leaves and colourful Californian blooms in vibrant, rich shades were exposed to light through photosensitive paper, the negatives were later projected, enlarged and passed through a coloured filter. The result being stunningly beautiful painterly floral prints, full of vibrance and energy, transforming the Spring/Summer collection, paying homage to Brioni’s penchant for reinvention.

For those men that are afraid to try anything other than neutrals, this collection is the perfect first step to an edgier, more universal look. It’s bold without being over the top, it’s fashionable without being alienating and it’s a sense of fun from one of our favourite luxury menswear brands that we don’t often see at this end of the scale.

Whilst the head-to-toe floral infused two piece suit may be a little out-there for your average man around town, the shirts and bombers are an easy nod to the new season and will ensure you are one step ahead in the fashion game.


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