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Get Your Beauty Sleep

For those of you that like to burn the candle at both ends, you’ll be pleased to hear that Kiehl’s, everyone’s favourite beauty brand has launched a range of amazing nighttime products to help you make the most of your beauty sleep and keep you looking fresh the next morning.

Make-up, sunscreen, pollution and of course, over indulging can all take their toll on your skin leaving it looking lacklustre and tired. The hours when you are fast asleep are so important for your skin in not only giving it time to breathe but helping it to rejuvenate ready for the next day ahead.

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is our favourite product in the new range at AED217, a potent 99.8% naturally-derived and paraben-free botanical elixir that works hard all night to repair and replenish the skin by morning. The blend of botanical and essential oils are known for their therapeutic balancing effects and work with the skin’s natural nocturnal activity to dramatically restore skin. What’s not to love?!

Also in the range is the Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate, the Over-Night Biological Peel (not as scary as it sounds we promise!) and the Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash.Midnight Recovery Concentrate - AED 217

It’ll be like ladies’ night never happened…

Available from

Dubai Mall

Mercato Mall – NEW!

Mall of The Emirates

Marina Mall


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