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Rituals Has Soul

Rituals Cosmetics is our go to brand for feel-good body cosmetics and now thanks to it’s new line of lounge wear, is high-up on our list for making yoga classes and bedtime that little bit more glamorous.

Soulful living epitomised, Rituals has recently unveils three new soul wear collections, perfect for lazy weekends. The brand new clothing range exudes both comfort and style and features three unique collections for yoga wear, sleep wear and home wear – a perfect ensemble for each ritual.

RITUALS Soulwear - Home 1

Bringing together delicate patterns in a soft earthy palette, the entire collection is designed with natural fibers like cotton, viscose and wool that meets the terms of the Better Cotton Initiative – snug yet ethical.

The yoga collection feels like a second skin; unrestricted movement with every pose is now possible. Studio-ready starlets can now look good in downward dog with mix’n’match singlets, leggings, vests, tops and trousers in a breathable fabric that allows for freedom of movement and comfort in abundance.

If you prefer a pace that’s even slower, rest your spirits and renew with the sleep wear collection. Designed to restore body, mind and soul, garments are made from the finest, softest materials that feel like silk on your skin, promoting a good night’s sleep in luxury.

Finally, the home wear collection is designed to be a cocoon from the outside world, enveloping your body into a swathe of contentment.

Lounging never looked so good.

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