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A Royal Iftar at Al Iwan, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

As Iftar’s go you’d be hard pressed to find a more lavish and exciting evening out than Al Iwan at Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah.

The name of the restaurant itself translates into “The Royal Hall’ in Arabic, giving a subtle yet-not-so subtle nod to the opulence that you can expect here. As you enter the world’s tallest atrium at the Burj Al Arab and sashay through the gilt entrance to Al Iwan restaurant, it’s clear you’re in for a night that’s more than a little special.

Burj_Al_Arab_-_Al_Iwan (1)

Boasting spectacular views of Burj Al Arab’s interior and exterior architecture, the warm and colourful setting of Al Iwan is the perfect place to break your fast this Ramadan. A burst of gold detailing and mirrored mosaic columns, set off by the deepest of regal red furnishing, Al Iwan is a destination within itself.

Upon entering you’re immediately greeted by the buffet; Iftar at Al Iwan is a buffet affair and one that is not short on options.

Semi-circular in shape, the Iftar buffet is divided into sections for ease of navigating. Expect a wealth of cold mezze starters and freshly, prepared salads taking pride of place in the middle of the room, framed by an extensive selection of seafood and deserts. Hot dishes are found towards the back of the room and consist of a wide variety of favourite dishes from the Middle East; Persian Chicken laden with saffron rice and pomegranate is offered alongside a huge mixed grill selection of lamb, beef and chicken for the carnivores amongst you.

Your table is already decorated with a selection of dates, hummous, Arabic Bread and olives as you are seated so there is no time to wait for the feast of Iftar to begin. Enjoy a selection of fresh juices, traditional Arabic beverages and teas to accompany your courses as you gaze out towards the glistening Arabian Gulf lapping at the hotel as it sits perched under the twinkle of the stars.


From the sensational cold and hot mezze assortments, wealth of freshly caught seafood that is beautifully presented to the live kanoon and challou performance that acts as a backdrop to your Iftar experience, Ramadan at Al Iwan promises to be a truly special experience best enjoyed with loved ones.

Ifar at Al Iwan is available daily from 7pm (reservations required) and is priced at AED 290 per person.

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