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5 Minutes with Iluma Lamps -The Masters of Lighting Design

Every so often you stumble across a brand that changes the way you look at something; Iluma Lamps is one of these companies.

Iluma Lamps provide a versatile wireless lighting solution that can be used anywhere, especially useful for events.

What differentiates Iluma Lamps is not only its innovative cordless lighting but also they’re aesthetically beautiful designs and ability to adapt to the enviroment their in.




Having originated in the bustling European metropolis of London, Iluma Lamps is now available in the Middle East thanks to two visionaries. We chat to Michael Long and Amy Hawke on just why Iluma Lamps is so special and how it can help transform your wedding / corporate event / hotel / restaurant…..



How did Iluma Lamps come about?

Michael: My partner Amy Hawke has an event design company here in Dubai.  She was in London for an event and had a ‘lightbulb moment’ when she realized that Iluma Lamps were not available in the UAE, a region where there is very limited options when it comes to high-end decorative table lighting for events.  She sent me an email with a photo and the simple words ‘This might be a thing…’  That was it, I started looking into the product and saw the potential. From that moment on, I decided to bring the product and Iluma Lamps to life – that email is pinned on our office wall today to show us how far we have come.

Where do you source the inspiration for your products and designs?

Amy: We are constantly looking at table lamps each place we go, locally, abroad, everywhere.  Once you start looking for them you realize table lamps are just about everywhere and what a huge difference they can make to the ambience of a space, whether it be a hotel lobby, bar or a beautiful home.  One of our favourite lamps is made from copper pipe and polished concrete core that came from the drilling of a Dubai construction site, so the inspiration can really be found anywhere.



Is there a particular event or occasion that you would like to see your products at?

Michael:We would like to tap into the smaller-mid scale wedding market.  Big lighting and AV Companies can be really very expensive so the lamps are quite a good solution for couples on a budget as they negate the need for truss, big rigs and any wiring.  They really do make a big difference in elevating a simple setup and it’s always such a nice moment when you see guests faces literally ‘light up’.

What are the benefits of using Iluma Lamps?

Amy:Primarily, they transform a space and make it something quite special, particularly when used en masse in a ballroom for example.  Secondarily they are super easy to use.  All of Iluma’s Collection are battery-powered and remote-controlled so they are completely wireless, requiring no power. This means they can be used absolutely anywhere which allows event designers to place lighting where previously it was not possible, or would be extremely difficult or expensive. There are a lot of plastic LED table lights available on the market but we consider ourselves to be a very different product to those solutions.  Our lamps omit warm candescent light, not cold LED light and our sophisticated range of shades and stands are geared towards a discerning clientele with great taste.Beautiful lighting is paramount in any space as it provides all important ‘atmosphere’. This can be elevated further again when the source of that light is also a beautiful item.


Do you have plans to expand outside of the UAE?

Michael:Sure, that is our long term goal but only once we have successfully established ourselves here in the UAE.  We want to start small and make sure we get it right before going for Middle East domination!

What is your current favorite product in the Iluma Lamps collection?

Amy: Definitely The Kingston.  This is the lamp I mentioned  that was made from materials found in a Dubai Construction site.  The round concrete base was drilled out of the ground, so it has interesting layers of metal and concrete aggregate.  It’s quite different from the rest of the Collection as it’s more raw and industrial by design and it was quite an interesting process to make.

For clients looking for a bespoke lighting solution, how does the bespoke service at Iluma Lamps cater for this?

Michael:With Amy’s interior and event design background we are able to provide very specialist creative ideas and services, to help our clients develop something high-end and unique that will work within their space.


In your opinion, what is the status of the event lighting industry in the UAE?

Michael:There are some great well established providers in the UAE.  For the most part the UAE can cater to the market at a world-class level.  We are just very fortunate that we managed to find a small gap in the market for Iluma and a new approach to event lighting that hadn’t quite made it here yet.

What is next for Iluma Lamps?

Michael:We are constantly working on new designs to put into our stock, to give our clients as many options to choose from as possible.  We hope to have 50 designs available in the future so that event designers will think to include table lamps into their designs as standard, be it just a few on a Bar or in a VIP lounge area, or 100 in a Ballroom – they are always on point and relevant to almost any setup.


What are the 2017 lighting trends that those planning an event or wedding should be aware of?

Amy:Nature inspired weddings, whether that is holding your event outdoors or bringing the outside in.  Our brides in particular often want to avoid the big lighting rigs so the lamps cater quite nicely to this trend as they can be set on the table without all the power requirements or hassle. Colour has also made a big comeback! Beautiful neutral colour palettes with pops of vibrant shades is something that is currently inspiring us.  We created the Epsom range to provide versatility of colour.  The turned wooden bases can be provided in absolutely any hue to cater to this trend.

So there you have it, if you’re looking to transform your event or even your home, Iluma Lamps offer not only a convenient but a beautiful and innovative solution – the ultimate marriage between functionality and design.


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