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Bone Broth: 5 Minutes with the Clean Living Company

It’s loved by healthy celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and is the reason behind many an A-lister’s glowing complexion, enviable figure and luscious locks and now bone broth is available here in the UAE.
Tasting much better than it sounds ( we tried and tested and can vouch for this) bone broth boasts an abundance of health benefits so it’s no wonder this brew has taken the sports and wellness industry worldwide by storm.
Dubai-based health brand, The Clean Living Company have now brought this to the UAE much to the anticipation of yogis, athletes and mere mortals alike.
The first locally produced bone broth is prepared by an award-winning chef using only the finest marrow bones from organically raised, 100% grass-fed cows and/or pastured chickens,in addition to organic vegetables and fresh seasoning purchased fresh from Ripe Organic in Dubai.
Simmered for up to 48 hours to ensure all minerals and vitamins are extracted, the broth contains healing compounds including collagen, and amino acids such as glutamine,
glycine and proline, which assists in boosting immunity and also mood.


We caught up with the entrepreneurs behind The Clean Living Company, Dean Henry and George Ball, for an exclusive chat about what exactly makes Bone Broth so tempting and why we need it in our lives this 2017:

What are the health benefits of bone broth?

Dean: Firstly, it heals and seals your gut! The broth is simmered for up to 48 hours to ensure all minerals and vitamins are extracted, and it contains healing compounds including collagen, as well as amino acids such as glutamine, glycine and proline, which assist in boosting immunity and mood. The ingredients within the broth can also help consumers suffering from acid reflux or IBS, as it helps to prevent and treat these conditions.

George: Also, the broth will restore and revive a fatigued body, and will improve consumers’ sleep quality. Those suffering from aching joints and muscle soreness will benefit from the joint protection, as well as muscle repair assistance.

What are the beauty benefits of bone broth?

George: The collagen in the broth has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines, as well cellulite, while the gelatin and calcium promotes nail growth. Consumers will also benefit from the protein, which will encourage strong and healthy hair.

 What does the bone broth lifestyle package entail? Who is this most suitable for?

Dean: The 21 day lifestyle package consists of 27 x 500ml pouches, and can be followed by men and women of all ages, sizes and levels of fitness! Over a seven-day period, consumers should follow a certain plan: For five days, consume 250ml twice a day, while adopting a Paleo diet – cutting out most sugars, all grains and many high-carbohydrate foods. For the remaining two days, they will be fasting, and will consume 250ml of the broth, four times a day. The two fasting days work wonders for resetting the body’s metabolism, as well as decreasing inflammation and blood glucose levels – it is important that the two days are not run consecutively, though.


What differentiates The Clean Living Company from other health food companies in the UAE and beyond?

George: Quite simply, we are everyday people. We consume the broth ourselves, as we 100% believe in the product and both benefit from the many advantages it boasts. We wanted to produce a product we could use ourselves, as we are both very conscious of what we put in our bodies. We’re proud to make simple lifestyle changes readily available, and provide cutting-edge products that you can’t yet get hold of in Dubai.

In your opinion, what is the reason behind the heightened interest in healthy eating and living?

Dean: In current society, we are bombarded with messages. Social media has heightened our awareness of how to lead healthier lifestyles, and now we are more conscious than ever of what we put inside our bodies. The average person is able to show off their results online, and individuals are able to encourage and inspire one another to look after their health.

How in your opinion, is it harder in the Middle East to live a healthier lifestyle than in some other parts of the world?

George: Long working hours have a huge part to play in an average person’s diet – when you have worked for 12+ hours a day, the last thing anyone wants to do is go home and cook a healthy, balanced meal, or even cook at all! The ‘work hard play hard’ attitude is very much apparent, particularly in Dubai, and although someone may have eaten well during the week, this can be ruined by a blowout at brunch at the weekend. In such a high stress environment, people often need to find a release, and unfortunately may turn to unhealthy meal/drink choices to do so.

Dean: Cost and education are also two main factors to take into consideration. Fast food is often a lot cheaper to buy, and some unfortunately haven’t been educated on the disadvantages of these cheap eats. If the number of people purchasing organic ingredients increased, the cost would be brought down, making healthier choices more accessible to the masses.

Does The Clean Living Company have plans to expand outside of the region?

Dean: There is a definite plan for international expansion in the foreseeable future. We now have the beauty of the Internet, and the world as our market. We want to ensure we get it right in Dubai first, and then educate the GCC region – as well as the rest of the world – on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, and how good Bone Broth is for you!

What are your backgrounds and how did the company start?

George: We both grew up with strong sporting backgrounds, as well as the desire to succeed. Dean worked for the likes of IBM before moving into Real Estate, while I was a stockbroker. We initially met through a mutual friend in the UK, and once we had relocated here, re-connected and discussed the possibility of starting a business. Because neither of us could get our hands on bone broth – which we regularly had in the UK – we saw a great gap in the market…

 How can consumers be content in the knowledge that the product is safe?

Dean: Using only the finest marrow bones, pastured chickens and organic, locally produced vegetables, consumers can rest assured knowing that they are receiving only the highest quality ingredients. Everything is quality controlled, and tested before dispatched.


What in your opinion is one of the biggest healthy lifestyle trends of the moment?

George: In the past, many individuals were afraid of fat. Now, sugar has been demonized, which is great! Bone Broth contains healthy, good quality fats, which are important in a diet – it’s good that they are no longer the enemy!


Bone Broth can be purchased in 500ml portions, available for only 55AED. Additionally, the Bone Broth 21 Day lifestyle package can be purchased for only 870AED.
SPECIAL OFFER: Throughout January, buy the Bone Broth
21 Day lifestyle package and
receive world-renowned nutritionist Dr. Kellyann’s best-selling Bone Broth Diet book for free.

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