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The Concert That Never Happened

Lionel Richie, R Kelly, Cher, Tina Turner and Madonna all performing together for one night only? Well not quite, but as good as.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club are to host ‘The Concert That Never Happened’ on March 27th, a one off gig where tribute acts will celebrate some of the world’s best-known artists of the past 30 years.

The acts, will entertain guests for over three hours ensuring there is something for everyone. Think ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, ‘Believe’, ‘Simply the best’ and ‘Like a Prayer’.

“The Concert That Never Happened will be a great opportunity for those of all ages who enjoy great music to come together and have a wonderful evening.” – Paul Booth, Director of Club Operations at Abu Dhabi Golf Club.

Tickets are available at Abu Dhabi Golf Club 025588990 www.adgolfclub.com

Tickets are also available at Platinumlist.net

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